About Goldstar Brass Industries

25 Years Experience in Precision Engineering

Goldstar Brass Industries is glad to introduce itself as a professionally managed company and produce a complete range of brass machined parts. We manufacture and supply all types of  Brass Compression-Pneumatic Fitting, Flare Tube Fittings, Hose Brad Fittings, Brass Pipe Fittings, Brass Auto Parts, Brass Air Brake Fittings Products, Brass Metal Inserts, Brass Fastener, Brass Forged Parts, Brass Gas Parts, Brass Precision & Machined Turning Parts, Brass Nipple, Sheet Metal parts & many more other Engineering and Industrial products.

Goldstar Brass Industries has been built on engineering excellence crafted through ample dedication to quality, innovation, and a constant intention to serve the global marketplace. The company aims to meet customer quality benchmarks at an exceptional value. We offer a one-stop solution for all Precision Metal Turned and machined Components.

We sell direct to OEMs and End-users in Europe, the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Africa, and many others.

Goldstar Brass Industries is a trusted name in the field of Precision Brass Machined and Turned Components. We have vast experience in developing engineering products for 25 years.